The Solo Spa Experience

Solo Spa provides several types of massage Egyptian massage, Aroma massage, Hot stone massage, Sports massage, Anti Cellulite Massage and Shiatsu massage


Solo Spa provides several types of massage :

Egyptian massage

  • Traditional classic massage for relaxing feet and back by using fresh oil.
  • Improve blood circulation. Shorten recovery time from injury.
  • This classic massage relaxes the body, improves muscle tone.

Aroma massage

  • Ease stress and balance the mind and body with a full body massage.
  • Choose the essential oil to suit your mood that can relax, re-energize or rebalance.
  • Aroma massage is drawn from traditions of the East and West.
  • Light to medium pressure relaxing massage which increases the release of “oxytocin” hormone.

Hot stone massage

  • A combination of touch and heat products a therapeutic experience that relaxes tired muscles, relives stress includes overall relaxation of the mind and body.
  • This special treatment uses smooth heated stones. The heat of the stones helps muscles release more quickly than in traditional massage.

Sports massage

  • The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia.
  • It is designed to increase flexibility, relive tight and tired muscles,
    improve circulation reduce recovery time. A perfect tonic for a Sportsperson.

Anti Cellulite Massage

  • Anti cellulite massage is a specialized massage concentrating mainly on
  • the area where cellulite or “orange peel” skin is most prevalent on the body.
  • Anti cellulite massage stimulates the blood vessels in the skin.
    Say Good Bye to the Cellulite. Slim your body!

Shiatsu massage

  • Shiatsu as a form of Asian medicine is a holistic treatment, designed to balance all the body systems. The word „shiatsu“ means „finger pressure“. The technique involves putting pressure on specific spots to help improve the flow of energy.

Thai massage

  • This famous Eastern massage involves the application of pressure and degree of stretching the muscles. this unique dry massage relies on the external stimulation
  • through smooth guided motions and stretching.
  • You will feel relaxed, loosened and revitalized.

Anti stress massage

  • This customized, medium-pressure massage experience, designed with the sole purpose of stress relief, focuses on all of your main tension points .
  • A relaxing massage that uses a combination of techniques to renew, strengthen and heal the body.

Reflexology massage

  • Foot reflexology is based on the ancient Oriental theory that meridian lines or pathways, carry energy throughout the body, Because each part of the body has corresponding reflex point on the feet, stimulating these reflex points cause stimulation in the related organs, which restores your natural energy flow and improves overall health, eases pain and relaxes the entire body.

The four hands massage

As the name suggests, this massage requires therapists working in perfect synchronization the most heavenly experience imaginable. The harmonic movements of hands simultaneously massaging the body will induce relaxation and feeling of vitality that cannot be gained from other massages

Vichy Shower Massage

A constant steam of water diffused by very fine, multiple jets over the body works on the lymphatic network while the massage is helping to stimulate blood circulation.

Turkish bath

Body wrap

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